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COVID-19 Corporate Response Survey: How Prepared Were Boards?

COVID-19 Corporate Response Survey: How Prepared Were Boards?

September 2020


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Results from the Stanton Chase global survey of leaders and executives

If the business world has learned anything from the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that there is no substitute for being prepared. Companies and their boards that actively exercised black swan scenarios and built up dedicated risk management committees were better equipped to handle the shockwaves that businesses have felt both outside – on the markets – and within, as they struggle to balance employee safety while keeping up profits.

Our latest survey conducted in tandem with Nasdaq Boardvantage, “How Boards Responded To The COVID-19 Business And Societal Crisis,” polled more than 260 board Directors, board and committee Chairs, and C-level executives and found that boards which are diverse are more likely to be prepared. The survey results point to talent, innovation, diversity, and preparedness as being key drivers of board effectiveness.

What steps can your board take now and going forward to ensure it can successfully navigate this and potential future crises? Click here to read our full report.

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