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Microsoft’s Corporate VP of HR: “Everyone is a leader. “

Microsoft’s Corporate VP of HR: “Everyone is a leader. “

November 2023


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Stanton Chase is pleased to announce the latest edition of its GAMECHANGER series.

Koenraad Goris, an Associate Partner at Stanton Chase Brussels, has known Stijn Nauwelaerts since the beginning of his career at Microsoft. They recently met in Brussels for an authentic and honest conversation on leadership.

Stijn Nauwelaerts leads Human Resources for Microsoft across all its global subsidiaries. He has been with Microsoft for 21 years and drives the people agenda, which includes global talent management, work culture, and other strategic people initiatives in developed and emerging markets. He is also an expert in social capital. In the past 12 months alone, Microsoft has hired 70,000 new people, creating 35,000 new positions. Stijn believes that “everyone is a leader; you don’t need to wait for your next promotion.”

In this video, Stijn shares how the HR role can add the most value and operate as a business partner in conjunction with the rest of the organization, helping to overcome the challenges inherent to the people agenda.

In this groundbreaking interview, Stijn shares insights into:

  • The top 3 skills needed to be a good leader at Microsoft
  • How to achieve positive business outcomes while ensuring the people agenda remains a top priority
  • How to build a growth mindset culture
  • Why you should continue to raise the bar for yourself and your team.


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