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Executive Search: A Head of Carbon Trading Case Study

Executive Search: A Head of Carbon Trading Case Study

November 2022


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> The Background

A New Holistic Carbon Asset Development Fund  

A leading global energy trading company approached Stanton Chase for a very special assignment. Stanton Chase had previously assisted the company with filling other C-suite positions, but this was a unique case. Having been unsuccessful in finding the right hire, the company approached us to help them find their first Head of Carbon Trading. Their new holistic carbon asset development fund needed a leader who could drive it forward.

There is a limited supply of carbon traders, but demand for them is high. There are some reasons for this. For instance, the voluntary carbon market is growing exponentially—voluntary carbon markets allow CO2-emitting companies to offset their unavoidable emissions with carbon credits generated by projects aimed at reducing or removing GHG. The net zero emissions race has further contributed to this growth. Additionally, many countries have vowed to be carbon neutral by 2050. The result? Since 2020, the value of the voluntary carbon market has increased by 400%.

> The Challenge 

Rapidly Identifying Rare Talent in a Highly Competitive Market

Carbon traders who are capable of not only handling the buying and selling aspects of the role but also capable of business development and project origination are rare. That was exactly the kind of person our client was looking for. They needed a multi-faceted leader who could take charge.

Finding the perfect candidate was the primary challenge, but there were secondary challenges too. The high demand for carbon traders leads to an abundance of offers and highly competitive packages.

As part of the selection process, we evaluated candidates to make sure they fit the organization’s vision, goals, and culture. Additionally, we assessed their professional and leadership strengths and weaknesses.

> The Solution

Harnessing Industry Knowledge and Connections

In addition to having a wealth of experience and knowledge in the oil, gas, and energy industry, the consultants involved were also well-versed in emerging carbon markets. We started by networking with industry giants and reaching out to established relationships in the carbon trading sector. As a result of our deep industry knowledge and well-established connections, we were able to launch cross-border searches in new regions and target markets.

We communicated swiftly with individuals identified as possible candidates. High-demand positions require fast-paced hiring environments. We took every step to ensure that there was no delay since any delay could result in the loss of a candidate.

As part of the selection process, we evaluated candidates to make sure they fit the organization’s vision, goals, and culture. Additionally, we assessed their professional and leadership strengths and weaknesses.

As a result of our evaluations, research, and interviews, we were able to find the perfect candidate. To ensure both parties received the highest level of care, we assisted the client in negotiating their offer with them.

> The Feedback

A New Head of Carbon Trading Who Ticks All the Boxes

Stanton Chase’s understanding of market compensation structures and ranges resulted in the perfect candidate accepting our client’s offer after a brief negotiation. Our thorough market analysis and communication of market and talent trends ensured that both parties went into the negotiations well informed.

The candidate relocated geographically to join the company. At the time of publication of this case study, the candidate had been in their new position for more than six months. They have met and exceeded all expectations and will oversee the company’s new carbon asset development fund’s expansion.

> Our Team

Outstanding Experts in Challenging Roles

Çağrı Alkaya (Regional Vice President EMEA) and Russell Kalam (Partner) have deep experience conducting executive searches and leadership assessments. Their expertise enabled them to successfully complete this assignment efficiently, effectively, and to the highest standards, providing a positive experience for the candidates and our client while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality.

“Partnering with our clients to help them achieve their ESG ambitions is a key priority for Stanton Chase, and it has been a privilege to work on this challenging and exciting search. In an intensely competitive market for talent, our rigorous research, combined with speed, agility and the highest standards of client and candidate care, enabled us to find the right leader that met our client’s high expectations.”

Russell Kalam, Partner 

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