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Executive Search: A FMCG CFO Case Study

Executive Search: A FMCG CFO Case Study

May 2023


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>The Background 

A Growing Fruit and Vegetable Distributor Searching for a CFO

A top distributor of fresh exotic fruits and vegetables in Europe was searching for a financial leader to partner with its CEO. The aim was to advance the company’s professionalization and growth, given that the finance leader would oversee finance and IT for a company that generates around €500 million in revenue.

The company, which is privately held, is strategically important to its parent company and has a reputation for rapid growth. Currently, the company is expanding into new markets and adding more fruit and vegetable categories to its offerings.

> The Challenge

Seeking an Entrepreneurial CFO Capable of Navigating a Complex Governance Structure

To excel in the role of the new CFO, candidates needed to have a deep understanding of the company’s intricate and fast-moving supply chain, from growers to retailers. Aside from financial optimization, they also needed to be resilient and possess an openness to the company’s unique and entrepreneurial culture.

Moreover, they had to be capable of proactively managing the company’s complicated governance structure. Given the company’s rapid growth, the new CFO would also have to be able to assist in planning and implementing ERP.

> The Solution 

Breaking the Mould to Uncover Exceptional Candidates

With a clear leadership profile in hand, Stanton Chase quickly began its search for the perfect candidate. We sought out financial leaders from a variety of industries, prioritizing soft skills and an entrepreneurial mindset over traditional qualifications and experience.

By looking beyond the usual pool of candidates, we were able to identify exceptional individuals who could bring about real change and foster growth.

> Feedback 

A Top CFO with FMCG and Retail Experience Appointed 42 Days Later

Stanton Chase successfully completed this search in just one and a half months.

The candidate who was selected after rigorous interviews and assessments is an exceptional fit for the job. They have experience in both retail and FMCG, working with industry leaders and scale-ups. Their experience and success in driving industry leaders forward will take our client to new heights.

> Our Team

World-Leading Experts in Consumer Products and Services

This executive search assignment was expertly led by Stanton Chase Amsterdam, with support from Milos Tucakovic, Global Practice Leader for Consumer Products and Services. With over 15 years of executive search experience and a 30-year background in human resources and management, Milos contributed valuable insights to the process.

Leveraging Stanton Chase’s comprehensive knowledge of the consumer goods and services sector, as well as their understanding of international markets, the team successfully identified the perfect candidate. This individual not only met the client’s functional requirements but also effortlessly aligned with the company culture.

“Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of essential CFO qualities and a tailored leadership profile, we efficiently identified and secured the ideal candidate to meet our client’s needs.” — Milos Tucakovic, Global Practice Leader for Consumer Products and Services

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