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WSJ Highlights Stanton Chase’s CFO Findings

WSJ Highlights Stanton Chase’s CFO Findings

January 2021


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In its article “CFOs Prepare for Long-Term Shifts in Customer Demand as Pandemic Drags On,” the Wall Street Journal examines some of the key findings from Stanton Chase’s survey “Trial By Fire: How CFOs Are Stepping Up Amid The Crisis.” Not surprisingly, 86% of CFOs reported their main priority for the coming years is to help their businesses adapt and thrive, up from 75% in our last survey. Over half of CFOs ranked their top priority for 2021 as developing and executing on company strategy or restructuring plans, while 47% said they were looking for new business or investment opportunities, including through acquisitions.

Faced with ongoing challenges and constant scenario planning, “CFOs continue to play a central role in leading their companies through the downturn and planning for economic recovery,” the WSJ quoted Cathy Logue, head of Stanton Chase’s CFO Practice Group, as saying. “I think their roles are fundamentally and forever changed, in a good way, for those who will be able to step up.”

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