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Stanton Chase’s Cathy Logue Talks to WSJ About Tyson’s CFO Appointment

Stanton Chase’s Cathy Logue Talks to WSJ About Tyson’s CFO Appointment

October 2022


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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) spoke with Stanton Chase’s Global CFO Practice Leader and Vice Chair, Cathy Logue, in a recent article titled, “Tyson’s Choice of CFO Raises Concerns About Potential Conflicts of Interest.”  

Tyson’s newly appointed CFO is the son of board chairman John H. Tyson. At the age of 32, John R. Tyson becomes the youngest CFO in an S&P 500 or Fortune 500 company to date. The selection highlights the complexities around Board independence and influence within family-controlled companies. 

“Mr. Tyson’s promotion is consistent with the company’s practice of ‘keeping it in the family’ and in line with other family-led businesses in which family members move into executive leadership roles at younger ages than is standard at other companies.” With an impressive background in corporate finance and strategy, he is also a first-time CFO. “Whether or not he is ready for the top spot yet is still to be determined, but he will benefit from a strong leadership team around him,” WSJ quoted Logue as saying. 

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