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Stanton Chase Announces New Consumer Products and Services APAC Regional Sector Leader

Stanton Chase Announces New Consumer Products and Services APAC Regional Sector Leader

November 2023


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Stanton Chase is pleased to announce the appointment of Victor Filamor as the Asia Pacific (APAC) Regional Sector Leader for Consumer Products and Services. 

With 55% of the world’s population, the APAC region is poised to become the largest consumer market by 2040. Consumer products and services companies will need forward-thinking leaders to keep up with changing consumer expectations, geopolitical risks, sustainability concerns, and supply chain disruptions.

Victor Filamor is a Partner at Stanton Chase Greater China, based in Hong Kong. He has lived and worked in four countries across the APAC region, holding key regional and BU roles with Fortune 500 companies and Asian multinationals. He spent over two decades in corporate leadership before making the shift to executive search. 

Victor also has over 15 years of retained executive search experience and was nominated for AESC’s Award of Excellence in 2020, making him an ideal leader to spearhead Stanton Chase’s efforts in the APAC region. 

In addition to his executive search experience, Victor is a certified professional coach, specializing in leadership and career transitions. 

His previous corporate and executive search experience in the APAC and China region further enhances his ability to connect with diverse stakeholders.

Stanton Chase is confident that Victor’s leadership will play an instrumental role in our clients’ success by helping them secure top leadership talent and providing unmatched leadership consulting. 

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