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Richard Kim

Richard Kim

Global Sector Leader, Natural Resources, Mining, and Energy

Houston, USA

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Empowering organizations with top executive recruitment in natural resources, mining, and energy

We know the challenges of succeeding as a natural resources, energy, or mining company in a rapidly changing world. You need great leaders to achieve your goals. 

The next few years are going to test your mettle, with rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and the need to transform into purpose-led, low-carbon, and digitally-enabled organizations. 

You need strong, competent, decisive executives with technical expertise and experience to help you navigate these challenges. Beyond educational pedigree, you need someone with the right traits and characteristics, combined with real-world experience, functional expertise, and innate business savvy to create sustainable growth opportunities. 

Our partner-led process accurately identifies, engages, and extracts the high-impact leaders who will ignite your company’s upward trajectory. 

Spark Success with Stanton Chase’s Energy Executive Search and Leadership Solutions 

Our energy executive search and leadership consulting services are carried out by industry experts with a profound understanding of our clients’ needs. As the energy sector continues to evolve, we adapt our leadership and search strategies to effectively address our clients’ changing requirements. 

We are well-versed in the complexities of various energy subsectors, including renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro, and bioenergy), oil and gas (upstream, midstream, and downstream), utilities (power generation, transmission, and distribution), and emerging technologies (such as energy storage and smart grids). 

Our consultants bring invaluable professional experience to managing highly complex and nuanced search engagements. Drawing from their past operational business roles, they contribute a wealth of insight and industry knowledge to the executive search process, ensuring a seamless and successful outcome. 

Unearth Top Talent with Stanton Chase’s Natural Resources and Mining Leadership Services 

Our dedicated team consists of highly specialized executive search and leadership advisory consultants, each with unparalleled industry knowledge in natural resources and mining. 

We’re well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities that arise within various subsectors of natural resources and mining, including metalliferous ores, industrial minerals, coal, and unconventional resources.  

Our team’s expertise spans all stages of the natural resources value chain: from geological exploration, geostatistical modeling, and resource estimation, to extraction methods, mineral processing, and mine closure planning. This comprehensive understanding enables us to identify the right candidates for your mission-critical roles. 

Our consultants are deeply entrenched in the natural resources and mining sectors. Our unique blend of technical know-how, industry insight, global network, and local presence positions us as your ideal partner for all your current and future executive search and leadership advisory needs. 

Are Stanton Chase’s Executive Recruitment Services the Right Fit for You? 

Our executive search services span across the globe with 76 offices in 45 countries. We cover all roles including those in the C-suite, president, vice president, senior management, and board, as well as all subsectors within natural resources, mining, and energy. 

Our unique value proposition is underpinned by our superior execution quality, which is evidenced by our historically high success rate. We are here to serve as your trusted advisors. Let’s begin the conversation. 

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