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Pilar Brogeras

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In startups and scale-ups, great leaders shape great futures 

The world of startups and scale-ups is constantly evolving. One day, it’s all about virtual reality and augmented reality game studios, and the next, natural language processing companies are taking center stage.  

Amid this dynamic landscape, Stanton Chase uniquely positions itself as an ally to high-growth startups and scale-ups across all major business sectors. 

We understand the distinct pace and challenges startup and scale-up companies face. More importantly, we understand the specific leadership profiles that are instrumental in helping these organizations achieve their goals.  

Through our exclusive executive search process, we build high-performing C-suites for the world’s leading tech and product companies, assisting entrepreneurs in building robust leadership teams from the get-go. 

Our approach is adaptive and flexible, aligning with the demands of our clients. We recognize that startups and scale-ups often follow unique business models, a reality shaped largely by the fast-paced tech environment. 

Some of the sectors that we focus on include: 

  • EdTech 
  • FinTech 
  • MedTech 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • E-commerce 
  • Logistics 


In a startup’s early days, founders often focus on their immediate day-to-day responsibilities, rather than planning for when their team grows to 100+ employees or expands into new countries. 

We know the ins and outs of startup culture and the hurdles founders encounter. If you’re growing after a seed round or Series A to D, Stanton Chase is here to help.  

With over 70 offices worldwide, we’ll team up with you to improve your leadership recruitment and offer strategic guidance for your company’s next growth phase. 

Access Global Talent with a Startup Mindset

Investors attribute the majority of portfolio company failures to people and organizational issues. Simultaneously, startups require different skill sets compared to our multinational corporate clients. 

Successful startup leaders must be courageous enough to make bold moves, resilient during downtimes, and consistently outperform industry peers in order to scale a company. Finding and developing candidates with all of these skills can be challenging. 

We are an experienced global executive search firm for startups and scale-ups, providing premier executive recruitment services across all industries and geographies.   

We connect the world’s top-funded tech startups and scale-ups with international C-level talent to help them scale their business, build successful teams, and execute their vision. 

As a leading executive search and leadership consulting firm, we help our clients:   

  • Identify and attract executives with an entrepreneurial mindset and self-motivation   
  • Find leaders who prioritize swift execution over bureaucracy  
  • Establish a robust board of directors and leadership team for an IPO 


All our managing partners and consultants from the startup and scale-up practice possess extensive experience in advising venture capital funds on talent acquisition, managing culture and diversity, assessing leadership talent, and fostering leadership development. 

Create Mission-Driven Leadership Teams that Believe in your Purpose 

We work as an extension of your team because executive hires are crucial to startup and scale-up success. We also specialize in board recruitment and board composition during the pre-IPO stage. 

We understand that a strong resume isn’t enough. We delve deeper, seeking personal qualities, a growth mindset, and skills that signal success beyond qualifications and experience. That’s why we developed Search+™.  

Stanton Chase’s Search+™ revolutionizes the executive search process by offering a personalized, partner-led approach. It ensures reduced bias, objectivity, and cultural fit throughout the process. By leveraging global connections, Search+™ finds transformational leaders tailored to your business needs. 

As experts in startup and scale-up executive search, we collaborate with Series A-D venture capital-backed businesses as well as private equity-owned firms for leadership roles such as: 

  • CEO 
  • COO 
  • CTO 
  • CISO 
  • Board advisors 
  • Board chair 
  • CFO 
  • VP of Engineering 
  • Chief Revenue Officer 

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