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Mikael Stelander

Mikael Stelander

Managing Partner
Global Functional Leader, Private Equity

Helsinki, Finland

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Let us find your next top venture capital executiveallowing you to concentrate on finding your next top portfolio company

Venture capital firms search tirelessly for solid small-scale startups with the potential to become the next big “unicorn.” In the same way, we’re dedicated to identifying, assessing, and developing the finest executive leaders for these firms. 

Your time is valuable. That’s why we won’t burden you with marketing lingo and never-ending promises. Instead, here’s what sets Stanton Chase apart in the field of venture capital executive search and leadership advisory: our unmatched understanding of the venture capital industry landscape.  

We understand that you’re not just any company; your challenges and opportunities are unique. Our global presence in over 46 countries equips us to understand and respond to the regional nuances of your business. Partnering with us means you gain the collective support and extensive reach of our entire network. 

Venture capital thrives on excellent leadership and withers without it. The success of your portfolio companies—and your firm itself—hinges on this. You need a leader who is not just confident but also has a strategist’s mind, the courage of a hero, the vision of a seer, and the experience and skills to unite these qualities.  

Our services, from C-suite and board recruitment to succession planning and leadership assessments, are designed to find or develop such leaders for you. 

As you invest in your portfolio companies, we invest in you. Our support doesn’t fade once we’ve placed an executive or completed an assessment. We’re lifetime cheerleaders for all our clients, maintaining relationships characterized by friendship, trust, respect, and excellence. Because some bonds are meant to last a lifetime. 

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