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Greg Selker

Greg Selker

Managing Director
Regional Sector Leader Technology, North America
Global Subsector Leader, Growth Equity

Baltimore, USA

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You grow companies. We grow leadership. 

Growth equity strikes a balance between venture capital’s high stakes and the heavy leverage of buyouts. 

Growth equity firms select their investments by focusing on accelerating operational improvements—most typically demonstrated by achieving improved EBITDA while also driving increased revenue growth. 

Their investments are usually in companies brimming with potential but cash tight. Unlike their venture capital cousins who chase after market promises, growth equity players invest in tangible products, clear-cut value propositions, and well-crafted business plans. After all, growth equity is all about smart, low-debt deal structuring. These investments underwrite the future, not burden it. 

A growth equity firm’s investment company may have some deficiencies that need to be addressed, but the ideal target is not bleeding talent. And although the existing talent pool may have done an excellent job of bringing the company to its current state, they may not have the necessary experience to elevate the company to the next level. 

Achieving the necessary operational improvements often requires either investing in higher-quality leadership or, at the very least, providing further training and development for the existing leadership team. 

People, Infrastructure, Systems, Processes, and Execution   

By bringing the best possible leadership into their portfolio companies, growth equity firms ensure that the right infrastructure is created and implemented across every functional area. When properly executed, this infrastructure will allow for aggressive and profitable growth. 

The consultants in Stanton Chase’s Growth Equity business sector have decades of experience working with top growth equity firms to build out their portfolio companies’ senior leadership teams.  

We know the difference between candidates who are merely good and those that can significantly impact a company’s performance.  

Our goal is to help portfolio companies achieve accelerated growth in EBITDA, revenue, and value by bringing in executive leaders who have both the ability and experience to identify missing infrastructure, create and implement the necessary systems and processes, and who are also a good fit for the company’s culture and values.  

We know how to identify, engage, and deliver those executive leaders.  

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