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Mikael Stelander

Mikael Stelander

Managing Partner
Global Functional Leader, Private Equity

Helsinki, Finland

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Were here to help you make leadership decisions as strategic as your investments

You operate in a world that’s far from ordinary. As a Corporate Venture Capital firm, you invest with intention—not just for financial gain, but to enhance your business with new technologies and products, and perhaps even innovative new business models.

You understand the value of adding fresh perspectives, specialized skills, and dynamic capabilities to your team. That’s why our executive search and leadership consulting services are designed to align with the forward-thinking nature of your operations.

Time is of the essence in the Corporate Venture industry. Every moment spent away from building your portfolio or identifying new opportunities could be a missed opportunity. With our support, you’ll maximize every second by finding and developing your next impactful leader without delay.

What sets Stanton Chase apart in Corporate Venture executive recruitment? Our deep insight into the sector and our Consultants’ and Partners’ extensive experience with financial and venture-backed firms say it all. Collaboration with us means you’re working with experts dedicated to your success.

CVC firms don’t just need leaders; they need movers and shakers capable of recognizing potential from afar and strategizing its integration to boost their firm’s growth. These leaders think several moves ahead with strategic savvy and possess financial intelligence that’s second to none.

Your ideal leader is well-connected, capable of empathetic guidance, and ready to elevate your investee companies—and your firm—to new heights.

Finding executives and board members like that can be more challenging than discovering the perfect startup to invest in. They don’t come with spreadsheets or projections to justify their potential. That’s where a specialized executive search and leadership advisory like Stanton Chase proves invaluable.

We understand how to identify, assess, and develop the talent that will drive your success. We can also help refine the leadership skills of your current team with personalized assessments, board services, and succession planning.

Your expertise lies in discovering investments that propel your company forward. Ours lies in discovering and cultivating the executives and leaders who can amplify your company’s potential.

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