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Shana Williams, Psy.D.

Shana Williams, Psy.D.

Director, Executive Assessment

Dr. Shana Williams is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing in South Florida since 1993. Her candidate interviews, assessments, and evaluations bring another dimension of relevant, tangible data to our executive search process. In addition, clients often request these as a discrete, standalone program to evaluate in more depth their existing leadership, management, and high-potential talent.

Shana’s specialties include psychotherapy, teambuilding, corporate consulting, interpersonal skills training, and assessment and evaluations. Using tailored and comprehensive assessments, she renders an in-depth understanding of blind spots, stress behaviors, problem-solving, and intellectual capacity. Her evaluations of achievement, communication, leadership style, and future potential create the foundation for growth in organizational strengths and synergies.

Shana received her training at Thomas Edison State College and obtained her master’s degree and doctoral training at the Miami Institute of Psychology. She completed her residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital and served as an adjunct professor with Carlos Albizu University in Miami. Shana is a court-appointed expert, evaluator, and advocate. She has had affiliations with the Psy Chi National Honor Society, the Broward Mental Health Association, the National Association of the Deaf, the Non-Commissioned Officer Association, and the American Psychological Association.

Shana provides training on motivations, team cohesiveness, conflict resolution, professional ethics, assessment methodology and interpretation, and a wide range of topics to diverse audiences. Her consulting work has included teambuilding strategies and leadership skills to corporations, such as Publix, Costco, and the United Way, and the Department of Education (Vocational department). Shana is an Army veteran who is credited with creating stress-management programs and leadership-training programs for several organizations, including a major U.S. Army installation. She also served as a prior Chair on an advisory committee for the Department of Children and Families. Shana provides executive education, potential development, onboarding and integration, and actionable insights that empower executive success.

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