Airline Employer Branding: How to measure the Unmeasurable

by Hans Nilsson Nov 09, 2017
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Airline Employer Branding: How to measure the Unmeasurable Cover Image

Executive search in the changing landscape of airline branding

The global airline industry has changed significantly during the past decade, ushering in major mergers and expansions of existing carriers as well as introducing new players within the industry, most notably in the Middle East and Asia. The establishment of new hubs in North America, Europe, and elsewhere has dramatically ramped up competition, especially among tech-savvy millennials intent on cheaper flights and instant access to daily offers, resulting in new traveling and buying patterns. Airline loyalty programs and co-branded credit cards have increased the need for airlines to differentiate themselves from their competitors to establish and maintain strong customer-centric brands that encourage loyalty and, therefore, a healthy bottom line. At the same time, the new market entries of lowcost carriers has added a new dimension to brand development, prompting many large established carriers to revisit their own offerings to compete effectively and successfully.

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