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Women and Leadership: Yolanda Miya

Simpson Nondo
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Women and Leadership: Yolanda Miya Cover Image

Exclusive Interview with the Managing Director, Deutsche Bank

Yolanda Miya, Managing Director, Head of Financing and Solutions Group, Deutsche Bank, South Africa, speaks with Simpson Nondo, Managing Director in the Stanton Chase Johannesburg office. Yolanda discusses her trailblazing work at Deutsche Bank since she began in 2002, including what she considers the key moment of truth in her career. She hopes that her passion for transformation will remain a legacy. “Embrace and educate” is the mantra Yolanda has adopted for managing gender and racial challenges throughout her career, highlighting her grit and determination that has led to her journey upwards. Yolanda encourages aspiring talent to stay focused on their goals when she says, “Everything is a means to an end; fail, and you can only be better thereafter.”

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