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War Child CEO: How can you take the war out of the child?

December 2019
Jan-Bart Smits
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War Child CEO: How can you take the war out of the child? Cover Image

Stanton Chase Provides Pro Bono Search for International NGO

In this exclusive GAMECHANGER interview, Jan-Bart Smits, Global Practice Leader and Managing Partner Stanton Chase Amsterdam, speaks with Tjipke Bergsma, CEO at War Child Holland. Stanton Chase is currently supporting War Child with a pro bono search for the next Director of Shared Operations.

War Child’s mission is best described by Bergsma in this way: “You can get the child out of war, but how do you get war out of the child?” War Child has been working for almost 25 years to aid children from war and conflict-stricken areas to improve their lives and ensure they have the skills to transition into a successful and peaceful life in society.

Bergsma explains how not only is War Child directly helping children, but they are using scientifically tested and proven methods to provide interventions with children. These interventions, such as music therapy, are now being documented and shared with other non-profit organizations. It is hoped that this protocol will become the uniform, gold standard of treatment, and that this knowledge sharing will allow more children to be helped. Learn more about War Child and its inspiring story by watching the clip now.

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