Stanton Chase

Griffith Lynch, CEO of Georgia Ports Authority on the Importance of Team and Growth

December 6, 2017
by Dean Bare


Today’s fast-paced and more globally interconnected business environment creates the need for leaders who not only make significant improvements to their respective businesses, but are capable of re-engineering how a business or a whole industry runs. Stanton Chase, a leading global executive search firm, works with these game changers on a daily basis. In this installment of Gamechangers, Griffith Lynch, CEO of Georgia Ports Authority, sits down with Global Sector Leader, Dean Bare to discuss the importance of team and the key role it has played with the Georgia Port becoming the largest container port in the Western Hemisphere. Lynch goes on to state that he is a “Big believer in team. I would put our port team up against any other team in the world”. Lynch also emphasizes how beneficial the executive assessment of his team was. It allowed each person to understand both their strengths and weaknesses which helped both the team and the company grow. Watch the interview now and find out how Lynch’s view on team and clear strategy for the future make him a GAMECHANGER in today’s world.