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“Start with potential,” emphasizes social entrepreneur El Kaouakibi

June 2018
Tamara Severi
Tom Goorman
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“Start with potential,” emphasizes social entrepreneur El Kaouakibi Cover Image

Women and Leadership: El Kaouakibi, Global Diversity Award Recipient

Sihame El Kaouakibi, Serial Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Let’s Go Urban, speaks with Tamara Severi and Tom Goorman, Partners in the Stanton Chase Brussels office, in this Women and Leadership video. Sihame was awarded the Stanton Chase Global Diversity Award during the Global Partners Meeting in April for her work in youth talent development in Belgium. In this exclusive interview, El Kaouakibi discusses her own layered identity as a Belgian, Flemish, Antwerp, Muslim, Moroccan female. She explains how she saw great barriers for underprivileged youth in her own adolescence, and she became passionate about giving this youth keys to unlock their talent. Conversely, El Kaouakibi also strives to show prominent leaders precisely how they can access this pool of talent. She pointedly summarizes, “Diversity is a gamechanger, and if you don’t understand the game today, you’re going to lose.” Learn more about Sihame’s story by watching the Women and Leadership video now. Stanton Chase, as a global leading executive search firm, works with female leaders around the world who have made significant improvements and left a lasting impact on their businesses. The Women & Leadership video series of Stanton Chase showcases stories of these inspiring leaders, their history, and how they rose to the top.

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