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Stanton Chase Supports 30% Club Canada

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Stanton Chase Supports 30% Club Canada Cover Image

The Canadian offices of Stanton Chase, a leading global retained executive search firm, have joined a list of signatories of Canadian firms supporting the 30% Club Canada. With offices in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto, Stanton Chase proudly supports this initiative and stands behind the 30% Club Canada as it prepares for its official launch in September, 2015.

By signing a voluntary code of conduct, Stanton Chase acknowledges the important role executive search firms play in guiding boards and senior management, helping them to be more effective through increasing the number of women who serve in this capacity.

The 30% Club was founded in the UK in 2010 with the goal to redress gender inequality by achieving a level of 30% women members on FTSE-100 listed company boards by the end of 2015. The 30% Club believes that certain steps can and need to be taken in order to get women’s representation on boards to 30%, after which the system will be self-perpetuating. In Canada, the goal is 30% of board seats held by women by 2019.

In Canada, the 30% Club consists of a group of Chairs and CEOs of Canadian public companies, professional service firms, Crown corporations, pension funds and other business organizations, all of whom are committed to achieving better gender balance at all levels of their organizations through voluntary actions, rather than through a quota system or positive discrimination. For executive search firms, support for the initiative comes through subscribing to a voluntary code of conduct. In so doing, it broadly follows the ‘nudge’ theory of behavioural economics, as opposed to the more outdated model of affirmative action. The 30% is a specifically chosen number: it is said to represent the point at which critical mass is reached and is no longer a ‘minority’ voice within a group.

Cathy Logue, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Toronto says, “Stanton Chase stands firmly behind everything the 30% Club Canada is trying to achieve. We believe that by ensuring this voluntary code is fully integrated into the way we conduct our searches and advise our clients, a more balanced and ultimately more profitable future awaits us all. It is both good business and good corporate governance to have more women in leadership roles, not only at the board level, but also across all areas of senior management. We look forward to working with our clients in achieving this aspirational goal in Canada.”

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