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Stanton Chase: Top Global Search Firm innovating diversity recruitment

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Stanton Chase: Top Global Search Firm innovating diversity recruitment Cover Image

As the winner in the Global Products & Service Awards program, Stanton Chase was recognized as the industry leader for its “dedication to innovation and moving their industry forward, while simultaneously providing the very best for their customers, allowing them to take their rightful place at the vanguard of their industry.”

The awards are designed to highlight and reward the most “innovative and game-changing individuals and firms from across the global design, consulting, technology, and manufacturing industries.”

According to the awards application, recipient firms and individuals are those who “refuse to stand still in the face of progress or compromise their high standards. They rise above the competition to cement their positions as leading lights in what is becoming an increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

Awards are given on merit alone, meaning that only the “most deserving firms, departments and individuals are cited. Each nomination is subject to a rigorous and in-depth judging process, meaning that all successful nominees can be safe in the knowledge that they are truly among the very best in their field.”

“This is a distinct honor for our firm,” said Mickey Matthews, Global Chairman of Stanton Chase, which has 73 offices in 46 countries. “Search firms play a critical role in building organizations. Diversity is required on all levels if they are to be effective in understanding their customers’ and future market needs.”

“This has been a passion for our firm – to do the right thing – and to partner with our clients in moving the needle for diversity and inclusion.”

Stanton Chase is a worldwide leader in this sector having formed a Global Diversity Practice several years ago. It recently was accepted into the “30% Club,” an international organization whose goal is to influence organizations to take voluntary steps toward reaching the goal of having 30 percent of women on boards. Several Stanton Chase partners, including Cathy Logue and Mary Matthews, have assumed board and voluntary leadership appointments with the 30% Club.

“We have taken a leadership position by acknowledging that diversity positively influences corporate innovation, customer centricity and employee job satisfaction,” said Lyn Cason, Co- Chair of the Stanton Chase Global Diversity Practice and a Director in the Baltimore office. “These efforts position diversity and inclusion efforts as a cornerstone of a corporate growth strategy. This award is satisfying in that it acknowledges our work in this important sector.”

“This is an important initiative, one that will be vital as we continue to help our clients grow through appropriate leadership development strategies,” Beata Sokolowska-Pek, Managing Director of the Stanton Chase office in Warsaw and Co-Chair of the Global Diversity Practice.

“For businesses to succeed, they must be open to opinions and strategies that can be gained by having senior-level executives from backgrounds that reflect an understanding of different ethnic, gender, and cultural backgrounds. As the challenges of managing businesses in a global economy increases, this orientation will become more important.”

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