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Stanton Chase Moscow Supports the Directors Discussion Club

June 2018
Andrei Rakitin
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Stanton Chase Moscow Supports the Directors Discussion Club Cover Image

Business Leaders and Top Executives Meet and Discuss Outside Interests

The Stanton Chase Moscow office recently supported the 17th meeting of the Directors Discussion Club (DDC), a prestigious group of area leaders who meet to discuss current topics and unique issues in the marketplace. The meeting took place in the very heart of the city at the offices of the Moscow Exchange on June 7, 2018.

The Directors Discussion Club (DDC) was founded in 2013 by Andrei Rakitin, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Russia, Elena Tarasenko, Founder and CEO of Turner Group, and Mikhail Kuznetsov, Founder and CEO of TopCompetence. Since its inception, the DDC is a platform for business owners, board members, CEOs and niche experts for discussing current issues and sharing experiences with each other.

The June 7 meeting focused on the individuals’ lives outside of the office – namely, their hobbies and personal interests. Participants spoke about education and sports initiatives, professional singing, martial arts and historical expeditions, illustrating the wide range of interests and passions of the DDC members. Some of the main discussion points raised by the DDC founders included:

·         What attracts seasoned directors and senior executives to their hobbies?

·         Who else benefits from them?

·         How do their hobbies influence society and the environment?

·         Can a hobby become a parallel career?

“Participants have truly deepened their understanding of how their personal hobbies are connected to other facets of their lives and their leadership roles,” stated Andrei Rakitin, one of the DDC founders. “These events bring great value to individual business leaders and the community at large, and I am excited to see our group membership continue to grow.”

The DDC holds meetings three times a year. Based on the discussion theme, founders carefully select up to 25 participants for each meeting. Over the course of five years, the DDC founders have enjoyed the company of more than 250 club members.


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