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Stanton Chase elects new Board of Directors

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Stanton Chase elects new Board of Directors Cover Image

Election in October 2014 at Global Partner’s Meeting in Copenhagen

Stanton Chase is pleased to announce the newly elected Board of Directors and International Chairman for 2015. Elected by more than 100 shareholders at the Global Partner’s Meeting in Copenhagen in October 2014, the new board will continue to develop and manage the firm’s client-centered collaborative services and values, as well as execute the new Strategic Vision of Stanton Chase. The focus of this vision is to continually address leadership challenges in markets around the world by creating a Leadership Partner relationship with clients.

The incoming board has three returning members and two new appointments. As with past boards, this one continues the practice of having representation from around the globe. Returning board members include:

  • Mickey Matthews (Baltimore, USA), International Chairman
  • Çağri Alkaya (Istanbul, Turkey) remains as Vice Chairman, Finance and Administration
  • Panos Manolopoulos (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) remains as Vice Chairman, Business Excellence.

New board members include:

  • Eduardo Rizo-Patron (Lima, Peru) , Vice Chairman, Regions
  • Tom Goorman (Brussels, Belgium) Vice Chairman Practice Groups

“I am thrilled with the mandate on the new board,” said Matthews. “It gives me great pleasure to partner with our new board as we continue to build and grow our firm as a world class organization that is responsive to our global clients. We will continue to improve the existing culture and values that elevate our ‘Client 1st mindset. As an organization, Stanton Chase has always and will continue to place a premium on selflessness to ensure multi-national collaborations that benefit clients seeking the finest leadership.

“I look forward to working with the returning board members and getting the perspectives from new officers. This will provide a healthy blend of new ideas while maintaining consistency. This provides stability and continuity with new ideas and innovations to ensure the continued pipeline of insights to improve client service globally. Additionally, our multi-cultural and multi-generational board reflects our commitment to diversity given our global breadth of representation.”

Mickey Matthews

Mickey Matthews

Mickey Matthews
International Chairman

Mickey Matthews assumes his role as International Chairman following many years of distinguished service to Stanton Chase. A seasoned search professional, he is currently the Managing Director of the Baltimore/Washington office, and has previously served as the Vice Chair, Practice Groups and Global Marketing Director for Stanton Chase. As International Chairman, Matthews will lead the global management team and chairs the Governance Committee.

Each of the other Board Members provides leadership to a key area of client service management:

Panos Manolopoulos

Panos Manolopoulos
Vice Chairman Business Excellence

Rejoining the Board as Vice Chairman Business Excellence is Panos Manolopoulos who is Managing Partner Middle East. Manolopoulos served on the Board in 2011 as Vice Chairman Regions. He has also served as Vice-President of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and as Global Practice Leader for Consumer Products and Services. As Vice Chairman, Manolopoulos is responsible for service standards and quality, global marketing and media relations.

Çağri Alkaya
Vice Chairman Finance and Administration

Continuing on the Board as Vice-Chairman Finance and Administration is Çağri Alkaya, who is Managing Partner of the Istanbul office. Alkaya specializes in the Financial Services, Industrial, and Technology practice groups and has an extensive background in financial management and executive leadership. Alkaya’s career in executive search began in 1999. He joined Stanton Chase in 2006. As Vice Chairman, Alkaya’s focus is on effective financial, corporate secretarial and administrative management.

Tom Goorman

Tom Goorman
Vice Chairman Practice Groups

Joining the Board as Vice Chair Practice Groups is Tom Goorman, who is also the Global Practice Leader for the Technology Sector. Goorman has a broad and diverse service focus in the areas of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Professional Services. As Vice Chair, Goorman provides global leadership and integration for Stanton Chase practice groups to maximize client service, information sharing and trend identification in each of those sectors.

Eduardo Rizo-Patron

Eduardo Rizo-Patron
Vice Chairman Regions

Also joining the Board as Vice Chairman Regions is Eduardo Rizo Patron, who is also the Regional Vice President, Latin America. He has held top positions in leading companies operating in the industrial market, retail, agricultural business and mass media sectors. Eduardo was invited to join Stanton Chase, representing Lima, in 2003 and since then has focused primarily on the Consumer Products and Services and Industrial Practice Groups. As Vice Chair, Patron focuses on strategic expansion planning for all regions to improve global client service coverage and develop new client relationships.

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