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Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm in Stuttgart, Germany

The Stanton Chase Stuttgart Office in Germany provides executive search and leadership excellence solutions with our commitment to listen, and to hear, as we feel it is critical in the placement of outstanding talent. We are more than just headhunters; we recognize that the ability to achieve mutual understanding by working closely with our client creates the basis for identifying the relevant leadership excellence skills to reach a sustainable competitive advantage. We bring regional knowledge, sector expertise and the valued human component involved in finding the right fit for both client and candidate that is decisive to success. Our consulting team possesses competences in various markets. We know our marketplace and are reliable in the delivery of top-notch individual leadership solutions.


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Stanton Chase is one of the leading global executive search firms, helping companies to find the best people for executive positions. We strive to provide the best-in-class services, and it is our commitment to be transparent in processing Personal Data. Please read the Privacy Notice to find out what data we collect about you, how we protect it, for which purposes we use it, with whom it is shared and other principles we follow with utmost care.

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Leadership Excellence Services

Managing talent, improving leadership development and strategic workforce planning are and will be the three major critical topics required in gaining competitive advantages for global HRM in the coming years. Studies show that organizations that have invested in these and further critical HRM topics provide 3.5 times higher revenue growth and 2.1 times higher profit rates than other companies (Source: BCG/WFPMA 2012).

This underlines our approach to serve the full “Leadership Excellence Cycle” which consists of the following three phases: coming into leadership, being in leadership, and leaving leadership.

Executive Search

We believe that Executive Search is not about producing CV’s. Finding the right leader for a major organization has to involve much more than accessing a data base and doing a keyword search. Any clerk can do that. Real value for our clients lies in finding the exceptional candidates who are not searching for work and in understanding and learning from industry leaders where those outstanding people can be found.

Each search project for our clients will be customized to their needs and will be based on a systematic research according to our global standard process which is approved for more than 30 years.

Executive Search

Leadership Excellence – Assessment & Development

It’s all about leadership! Creating business excellence means also creating leadership excellence. Leaders are the crucial driver in a complex and fast-changing business world. Mustering the courage to interrogate reality is a central function of a leader. And that requires the courage to face three realities at once. First, what values do we stand for and are there gaps between those values and how we actually behave? Second, what are the skills and talents of our company and are there gaps between those resources and what the market demands? Third, what opportunities do the future hold and are there gaps between those opportunities and our ability to capitalize on them?

Built on our strong search professionalism, our leadership excellence services help clients understand what leadership they need to deliver on future business strategy, the leadership quality they have today, and how they can close the gap between the two and keep it closed.

Following a systematic and integrated approach our Leadership services cover the whole Leadership Excellence Cycle: Coming into Leadership, Being in Leadership, Leaving Leadership.

Leadership Excellence

Executive Coaching

Leadership support for performance enhancement

We understand Executive Coaching as a customized process focusing on developing the individual’s ability to influence, motivate and lead others. The coach provides balance, objectivity and experience which challenge and develop strategic thinking skills leading to new tactical problem solving abilities as well as rethinking and developing skills and habits of self-reflecting.

The Executive Coaching process creates the environment for a dynamic learning experience helping the individual to gain new knowledge about the causes and consequences of their own actions using the interplay of the executive’s emotional, cognitive and systemic factors. The coaching process works through seven phases of leadership competency providing valuable dialogue and training in the development of leadership excellence. Read more.

Our Coaching Process

Our process is based on seven fields of competency
For each of the competency fields we’ve defined assessment, coaching and intervention techniques
Through years of management experience and business acumen, our coaches deliver strong psychological, organizational and coaching knowledge.

The Basis

Management Audit, Potential Analysis, or Leadership Skills Test



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Our Consultants

Helmut R. Haug Photo

Helmut R. Haug

Managing Partner
[email protected]

Christoph Stichel Photo

Christoph Stichel

Managing Partner
[email protected]

Ulrich Müller Photo

Ulrich Müller

Senior Partner
[email protected]

Prof. Gerold Frick Photo

Prof. Gerold Frick

[email protected]

Johann J. Barring Photo

Johann J. Barring

Global Sector Leader Pulp, Paper & Packaging
[email protected]

Thomas Hauk Photo

Thomas Hauk

[email protected]

Karsten Jurkowski Photo

Karsten Jurkowski

[email protected]

Andrea Belegante Photo

Andrea Belegante

[email protected]

Rainer Laber Photo

Rainer Laber

Senior Advisor
[email protected]

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