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Executive Coaching

June 2019
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Executive Coaching Cover Image

“A solution that helps organizations, business owners and boards better define executive and leadership roles within their organization in alignment with strategic goals, assess the existing leadership team’s capability to deliver on those strategic objectives, and work with them to maximize their leadership potential”.

Wassim KarkabiGlobal Head, Board & Executive Assessment

Managing Partner

Executive Coaching Outcomes

Benefits to the individual include:

  • Enhance leader impact & performance
  • Develop personal plan for professional leader development
  • Improve team management
  • Increase leadership effectiveness
  • Identify & focus on professional leadership priorities
  • Focus on key business impact areas

The organization benefits from:

  • Greater commitment from leaders
  • Improved business performance
  • Retention of key leadership talent
  • Increased emotional engagement of management team and subordinates
  • Increased creativity outlook and motivation

Areas of Coaching Specialization

We specialize in coaching executive leaders and directors at the Board & C-Suite Levels, and focus on effective performance and leadership behavior within the work environment. What we offer is unbiased objectivity, confidentiality, motivation, and practical support.

We specialize in coaching for:

Executive Coaching Program Overview

Four Steps to a Turnkey Executive Coaching Solution:

1. Understand

Assessing who they are today as a leaders, including how they see themselves, how others see them and how leadership science sees them.

2. Align

Giving each leader feedback on their collective assessments and aligning with them on their current Leader Profile.

3. Achieve

Coaching each leader on setting leadership growth goals and working with them to make the necessary changes to become the leaders they want to be.

4. Evolve

Aligning leaders and the organization on the changes they have achieved and the way forward for continued growth.

The Team

Wassim Karkabi
Executive Coach
Based in Dubai

Michaela Damson
Executive Coach
Based in Stuttgart

Ge Qiao

Executive Coach
Based in Beijing

Jeff Jernigan
Executive Coach
Based in Los Angeles

Nancy Jernigan
Executive Coach
Based in Los Angeles

Patricia Brown James
Executive Coach
Based in Nashville

Jozef Papp
Executive Coach
Based in Prague

Hugh Myres
Executive Coach
Based in Johannesburg

Philippe Palacin
Executive Coach
Based in Paris

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