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Nannerup, Life Sciences and Healthcare Leader, with Coloplast CEO

April 2019
Anders Nannerup
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Nannerup, Life Sciences and Healthcare Leader, with Coloplast CEO Cover Image

Global Practice Leader in discussion with Lars Rasmussen

Lars Rasmussen, President & CEO of Coloplast, speaks with Anders Nannerup, Managing Partner, Copenhagen, in this latest Stanton Chase GAMECHANGER series video. Lars has been with Coloplast for 30 of the company’s 60 years, and he provides insights into what has led to the company’s impressive growth and success, making it the best performing MedTech company in the world.

Lars also underscores the importance of innovation when he bluntly states, “When you’re in business, you expand or you die.” This guiding philosophy has resulted in the ranking of Coloplast as one of the World’s Most Innovative companies.

Listen to Lars to understand why he is ranked one of the world’s best performing CEOs by Harvard Business Review.

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