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IT consulting is facing new challenges, including digitalization, increased use of cloud services, data analytics and agile methods.

Digitalization is critical: more than 60% of all CIOs have a mandate to digitize core processes to make enterprises endure disruptive environments. There is a trend to move from on-premise hosting to the cloud. When it comes to Big Data & Analytics (BD&A), what used to be a continuous IT consulting business with several follow-up projects and services is more and more changing to a one-time implementation of a BD&A architecture, smaller adjustments and a facilitation of its usage. Finally, agile methods are changing the way software is developed; IT projects are conducted and teams are managed and working together, which has a dramatic impact on a consultant´s skills and management.

IT consulting environments are also changing. On one hand, consolidation is happening – especially of midsize and larger firms – and on the other hand, niche players are expanding into highly differentiated markets.

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