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2018 Stanton Chase Industrial Survey Report

November 2018
Flemming Riber
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2018 Stanton Chase Industrial Survey Report Cover Image

Industrial Sector: Positioned for Growth Through Digitalization

The results of our fifth annual Global Industrial Executive Survey are in, and they paint a striking picture. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution surges forward, the industry is poised for significant growth driven by digitalization initiatives, which are crucial for obtaining consistent, reliable, and in-depth information needed to meet business goals and remain competitive.

Successful enterprise digitalization requires four elements:
• A strategic purpose for digitalization initiatives.
• A commitment to adopting digitalization as a company-wide priority.
• Acquiring and retaining leadership talent with proven digitalization skills.
• Understanding and evaluating the ROI of digitalization initiatives.

The more organizations recognize the importance of digitalization initiatives as they invest for growth, the more secure they feel in the industry and the more optimistic they are about gaining competitive ground. The single biggest challenge any company faces is a lack of in-house expertise to lead digital initiatives. Although digital talent is in limited supply, it does exist in the market. Securing such talent is crucial to implementing successful digitalization strategies. Read the whole white paper.

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