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How Culture Can Make Or Break Your Digital Transformation

December 2021
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How Culture Can Make Or Break Your Digital Transformation Cover Image

Stanton Chase Athens hosts webinar on essential change

The team at Stanton Chase Athens had the pleasure of welcoming 100 professionals to a webinar on October 19 that addressed a current topic crucial for every organization: digital and cultural transformation. Participants hailed from a variety of organizations across industries, and all were interested to learn about how best to successfully navigate the transformation at their company.

The webinar took the format of a presentation with a discussion and Q&A and lasted 60 minutes.

If you were not able to attend, we invite you to view the full recording and highlights here and here.

Our objective was to foster an in-depth discussion of a major issue that faces modern organizations and effective solutions.

Over 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. We also know that 90% of leaders consider culture important, and 92% of them think if they could shift their culture in the right direction they would increase their value indicators.

Still, people and culture are often overlooked during a digital transformation. Why is that? We believe it is primarily because, when managing culture, most leaders miss the method and tools that can make culture management simpler, tangible, measurable, and actionable like the other aspects of the business they manage.

We focused on approaches to organizational culture management that work and the cultural elements that an organization can foster to enable the success of its digital transformation.

We demonstrated the Hofstede Insights powerful methodology for tangible results and introduced the digital culture assessment created by Stanton Chase and Hofstede Insights.

We shared key lessons learned from over 1,000 assignments across the globe and our four rules of making culture work for you.

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