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Luxury products and services

Luxury products and services Cover Image

The luxury goods sector is made up of lifestyle products and are synonymous with certain brands whose names are associated with luxury, high price, or high quality. The luxury goods sector has been on an upward spiral for many years where the largest ten markets for luxury goods account for over 80% of overall sales; key markets for luxury goods include Japan, China, United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, and Switzerland.

The global team of Stanton Chase consultants who have significant expertise in the luxury sector have worked with leading fashion houses, watch and jewellery manufacturers, beauty products and hospitality providers to meet the increasing demand for talent as the sector has grown as it appeals to a more discerning and affluent customer.

An example of appointments managed in this sector include main board and executive committee, heads of central functions, country management, marketing, sourcing and supply chain, digital innovation, creative and design, business development and sales.

  • Fashion (wholesale and retail)
  • Beauty products
    • cosmetics
    • skincare
    • fragrance
  • Accessories
  • Luggage
  • Vehicle distributors – luxury & prestige marques
  • Watches & Jewellery
  • Lifestyle products
  • Hospitality

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