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Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm in Athens, Greece

The Stanton Chase Athens office was founded in 2003 and has become a top leadership advisory firm in the local market, winning numerous excellence awards within its network over the years. Its areas of expertise include top-level and senior management executive search, corporate governance and board advisory, leadership and organizational culture management, digital acceleration and sustainable innovation services as well as people data transformation and analytics.

Stanton Chase Athens is positioned as a top executive search firm in Greece, being a reliable business partner to leading national and international companies operating in Greece, across industries, for almost 20 years.

Its Corporate Governance and Board Advisory, in partnership with global leader Nasdaq, supports top local companies by providing insight and specific services such as corporate governance, evaluation and compliance, board leadership evaluation and effectiveness, Chair, BOD, CEO, and peer-to-peer evaluations, strategic board composition, succession and renewal plan, skills matrix frameworks, Chair and Board Member acquisition, digitalization of the boardroom, and boardroom leadership training.

Leadership and organizational culture management is one more core capability of Stanton Chase Athens. These interlinked services are built on data-driven actionable insights. The Stanton Chase team works with its clients to assess leaders, select for best fit, create talent pools, and design succession and development plans. They also enable leadership teams to visualize and measure their organizational culture, and to transform the shared mindset and practices in the organization to best support strategy.

Digital acceleration and sustainable innovation are also a key part of Stanton Chase Athens services. A series of innovative, pragmatic, and customizable people-centric solutions has been developed in collaboration with world-class partnerships to help companies successfully address the challenges and gaps faced when undergoing their digital transformation process. Clients are offered the right insights, tools, and tailored implementation plans to close their skills gaps, optimize their digital culture, and reengineer and imprint innovativeness onto their company DNA.

People data transformation and analytics services is a service line bringing deep knowledge in people data and analytics tailored to future-looking organizations who are eager to transform their organizations to meet the demands of the digital era. Our team enables organizations in a fully customized way to obtain relevant, clean data using the right tools and systems to address today’s HR challenges (hybrid work, employee engagement, high turnover, work-force planning, etc.).

Led by a team of highly experienced consultants, the SC Athens team brings a wealth of diverse business experience and technical know-how. Committed to their clients’ success and continuously introducing innovative services adopted even by the global network, the firm is rightly recognized as a leader in human capital consulting in Greece, having served more than 300 clients in the past three years alone and handling over 140 assignments on a yearly basis.

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Recrutement par approche directe de cadres

Stanton Chase Athens is positioned as a top executive search firm in Greece. The Athens office has experienced a steady and continuous growth since its inception in the early 2000’s establishing it as a reliable business partner to top national and international companies operating in Greece across all industries.

Our ES team consists of industry specialized consultants and researchers with functional expertise. It is important to state that all our Partners and Consultants have gained their experience and knowledge working in the industries they serve and possess an exceptional track record of success in executing executive search projects.

Our practicioners are organized in the following groups, each headed by an expereinced partner, covering all all major industry groups and sectors:

·         Consumer Products

·         Energy

·         Financial Services

·         Hospitality & Entertainment

·         Industrial Products

·         Pharmaceuticals & Health Services

·         Professional Services

·         Public Sector

·         Shipping

·         Technology

In succesfully completing over 500 projects in the last 5 years, we have helped our clients hire top talent in top, C-level positions, but also very specialized, industry specific posiitons.

We spend quality time with our clients to get to know them and understand their needs. We have a “boutique approach” in working with our clients, for us this means complete client dedication.

Utilizing cutting-edge online psychometric assessment tools, we ensure timely and effective evaluation of the best candidates from defined target markets whilst focusing on retained, long-term partnerships.

We execute our assignments on the partner level. “Who signs the deal, is the person who delivers”.

Leadership Solutions

We work with Leaders and develop customized plans that help them achieve growth on an individual and team level, always in line with organizational strategic priorities, adding value to their Leadership initiatives

Our toolkit comprises a range of personality and cognitive measures, business simulations, structured interviews, and 3600 feedback surveys.

Our Core Solutions


Organizational Culture Solutions

We partner with Hofstede Insights, a Global Leader in Culture & Strategy Insights and Consulting, to enable our Clients in managing Culture as a growth driver​, and transforming it to best support strategy delivery.

Leveraging on the Multi-Focus Model™ of 6 autonomous dimensions, we measure 3 “facets” of Organizational Culture and help our Clients turn intuition into manageable knowledge, resulting in:

·      Alignment on company strategy​

·      Accurate description of actual, desired and optimal​ culture

·      Identification of gaps between actual and optimal culture​

·      Proposal of change levers towards the optimal culture​

·      Identification of potential enablers and barriers to change​

·      Prediction of potential future cultural risks for strategy implementation​

·      Evaluation of Leaders’ ability to support culture change

·      Input to Leaders for driving change

·      Support of internal “transformation” project team


Organizational Culture Transformation

·      A robust data-driven approach that starts with strategy and the cultural imperatives it creates, visualizes ways of working, measures gaps and proposes change action points that will transform practices in a way that best supports strategy delivery

Leadership Team Culture Audit

·      A dynamic intervention for Leadership Teams that measures their ways of working against the optimal ways of working for supporting company strategy, provides insights that raise self-awareness and support behavioural change, as well as a basis for optimizing the Team’s performance, “walking the talk”, and ability to drive change and results

Privacy Notice

Stanton Chase is one of the leading global executive search firms, helping companies to find the best people for executive positions. We strive to provide the best-in-class services, and it is our commitment to be transparent in processing Personal Data. Please read the Privacy Notice to find out what data we collect about you, how we protect it, for which purposes we use it, with whom it is shared and other principles we follow with utmost care.

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10 Mykalis Street, Maroussi
151 24 Athens

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Phone: +30 210 6129429
Email: athens@stantonchase.com

Our Consultants

Manos Panorios Photo

Manos Panorios

Managing Director
Global Practice Leader Financial Services

Harris Pezoulas Photo

Harris Pezoulas


Nicholas Vasilikiotis Photo

Nicholas Vasilikiotis

Global Maritime Sector Leader

Andriana Theodorakopoulou Photo

Andriana Theodorakopoulou


George Vlachos Photo

George Vlachos

Director Board Services

Konstantinos Kamariotis Photo

Konstantinos Kamariotis


Elena Barla Photo

Elena Barla


Alexandra Lekkou Photo

Alexandra Lekkou


Anastasia Louka Photo

Anastasia Louka

Principal Consultant

Dimitris Pezoulas Photo

Dimitris Pezoulas

Senior Consultant

Danae Doptoglou Photo

Danae Doptoglou

Senior Consultant

Chris Konstantinou Photo

Chris Konstantinou

Senior Consultant

Alexandros Theodoridis, Ph.D. Photo

Alexandros Theodoridis, Ph.D.


Hector Postantzis Samaras Photo

Hector Postantzis Samaras


Antigone Kypreou Photo

Antigone Kypreou


Olga Sarantopoulou Photo

Olga Sarantopoulou


Ira Katsalirou Photo

Ira Katsalirou


Advisory Commitee

Theodore Kitsos Photo

Theodore Kitsos

Advisory Committee

Nikolaos Karamouzis Photo

Nikolaos Karamouzis

Advisory Committee

Georgios Doukidis Photo

Georgios Doukidis

Advisory Committee

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