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FinTech Turkey: A New Vision

September 2016
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FinTech Turkey: A New Vision Cover Image

How industry changes are affecting the country

The global economy is swiftly adapting to the technological advancements that we come across every day. The fast pace of technology provides the financial industry with new tools and complex instruments, both in favor of the customers and the companies that have been operating in the finance field. This progression has led the world into a new era, the era of FinTech.

With the rise in number of startups all around the globe, the FinTech industry is booming faster than ever expected. Most of the banks are investing into their technology departments, venture capitals are hunting for potential FinTech startups and, most importantly the finance industry is experiencing a revolution. With the aim of fulfilling our curiosity regarding where the FinTech sector is going we carried out the ‘’FinTech Turkey: a New Vision” survey and are pleased to share our findings. This survey contains insight and information from many leaders who are playing an influential role in shaping the Turkish FinTechs’ future.

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