Athens Executive Newswire 15: Technology, reformation and recovery

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Athens Executive Newswire 15: Technology, reformation and recovery Cover Image

The changing landscape in Greece

During the last decades, Technology has become a synonym for innovation, progress and development. It has turned to be a powerful engine for economic growth and competitiveness, a facilitator for connecting businesses and industries, an enabler of innovation and career opportunities.

Technology can offer a number of enhancements in tactical and strategic business practices such as reduced costs, accelerated service delivery, improved service quality, enhanced controls and compliance
as well as increased business value. Under these assumptions it can definitely be said that Technology can be one of the driving forces for economic prosperity and growth not only for corporations but also for countries and regions.

Among all other industries that were influenced by Greece’s deep recession, Technology sector has also experienced a serious downturn, unlike the rest of Europe and the world. Political instability, tight austerity measures and a complicated and confusing taxation system have all played a key role in preventing the development of technology as a whole, also presenting obstacles to its various sub-sectors.

So, what’s next? Are we going to stay inactive and silent waiting for the economic crisis to end? For sure the answer is No! Firstly, because we cannot predict when we shall enjoy the first real signs of economic recovery, but more importantly because corporations and the State itself (public sector) cannot stay behind the continuous technology evolvement and lag to later try to catch up.

Smartphones, tablets, contactless mobile payments, convergence of ICT, cloud computing, 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and digital marketing services are becoming part of our everyday life not only by facilitating and simplifying the way we do business but also because they play a focal role in the creation of new “start-ups” and act as a catalyst for new job opportunities especially for the younger and highly IT skilled people who are mainly affected by the shortage of new openings.

In the current issue of Newswire which is our first for 2015 we are trying to identify which segments and topics of technology apply in our environment and could support economic development either directly or indirectly.

Our endeavour is to provide insights and trends, underline issues that represent major considerations and thoughts among technology business leaders, aiming in stimulating your strategic thinking.

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