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Executive Newswire 10

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Executive Newswire 10 Cover Image

Dear all,
We are getting closer to the holidays season when we all attempt to unwind and gather new energy. Just like every year the summer edition of Newswire has an additional task to relax you before vacation. You can read the interview with Mr. Nikola Nedeljković, the General Manager of Belgrade Waterfront, and find out more about this project which is the talk of the town.

HR professionals asked us to be moderators of their gatherings with exchanging of ideas and best practices. Two meetings were organized so far and you can read all about them in this issue. We also continue with our Surveys and this time we asked our Clients about their satisfaction with our service. We had similar Survey with our Candidates, so now we present you the comparative review of both.

We wish you a pleasant vacation, a lot of sunshine, nice weather and true rest! See you again in the fall.
Enjoy the reading!

Read Executive Newswire 10 in PDF here.

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