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Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Stanton Chase is a top global executive search firm with more than 70 offices in 45 different countries. We serve our Fortune 2000 clients by helping them find the best leaders and field elite C-suite teams.

Stanton Chase Los Angeles

We never delegate responsibilities for search work to junior associates. Instead, our partners work in two-person teams, personally conducting each executive search and directly engaging with all aspects of the recruitment process.

Consultants at the Stanton Chase LA office have held C-suite executive roles in international enterprises. We bring extensive, functional hands-on experience and understanding in areas including marketing, sales management, human resources, operations, and general management.

This knowledge is used to support clients and help them make critical decisions when it comes to hiring the best executive and management talent for their companies, and make organizational decisions appropriate to fast-moving industry changes and innovations with digitalization, data, AI, and overall adoption of leading technologies.


Stanton Chase LA Services and Industries

The services that we offer include:

●     Executive Search, coaching, Leadership Advisory;
●     Organizational Strategy and Talent Mapping;

●     Diversity and Inclusion Consulting;

●     Executive Assessment Services;

●     Compensation research and analysis

●     Change Management and Continuous Transformation.


We serve clients in multiple industries, including:

●     Financial Services;

●     Consumer Products & Services;

●     Government, Education, & Non-Profit;

●     Industrial;

●     Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation;

●     Life Sciences & Healthcare;

●     Technology.

If your industry or needs are not included on these lists, contact us and we can talk about how we can help you.


Stanton Chase LA Delivers Consistent Success

The Stanton Chase LA team has an outstanding track record due to our agility, depth of experience, client focus, white-glove service delivery, and dedication to high-quality results.  Our clients consistently come to us because they know we will successfully find the talent that they need, regardless of the challenges each situation presents.

From a robust track record to an incredible depth of knowledge and experience, you want the Stanton Chase Los Angeles team by your side to ensure that you find the best candidate for every C-suite or leadership hire you seek.

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100 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 700
Santa Monica, California 90401

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Phone: +1 424-334-0500
Email: [email protected]

Our Consultants

Peter Deragon Photo

Peter Deragon

Managing Director
Global Practice Leader Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
Global Sector Leader Banking and Wealth Management
[email protected]

William Brewer, CCP Photo

William Brewer, CCP

Global Human Resources Practice Leader
[email protected]

Nancy Jernigan, Ph.D., LPC Photo

Nancy Jernigan, Ph.D., LPC

[email protected]

Scott Bretschneider Photo

Scott Bretschneider

[email protected]

Jeff Jernigan, Ph.D., BCPPC, FAIS Photo

Jeff Jernigan, Ph.D., BCPPC, FAIS

[email protected]

Shayne Lightner Photo

Shayne Lightner

[email protected]

Suzanne Carroll Photo

Suzanne Carroll

Research Director
[email protected]

Julia Gibas Photo

Julia Gibas

Strategic Operations Manager
[email protected]


Edward J. Savage, III Photo

Edward J. Savage, III

[email protected]

Deb Dredden Photo

Deb Dredden

Advisory Director
[email protected]

Lindsay Allan Lautz Photo

Lindsay Allan Lautz

[email protected]stantonchase.com

Steve Duffy Photo

Steve Duffy

Advisory Director
[email protected]

Mark A. Siegfried Photo

Mark A. Siegfried

Advisory Director
[email protected]

Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. Photo

Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.

Advisory Director

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