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Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

Stanton Chase Istanbul – The Promise of Performance

Stanton Chase is one of the top 10 Executive Search firms in the world, with over 72 offices in 45 countries. Stanton Chase Istanbul was established in 2006. The Istanbul office provides Executive Search, Board Services, and Leadership Assessment services for both local and international clients in Turkey, Central Asia, the Caucasus region, and North Africa. Collectively, we have more than 50 years of experience in Executive Search, with a solid understanding of the industries we serve, and the local markets involved. We are more than just headhunters; we pride ourselves on the close involvement of our senior consultants in each search mandate. Our Istanbul office aims for client service excellence by conducting all assignments to the distinguished global standards of Stanton Chase.

Stanton Chase İnsan Kaynakları Dan.Ltd.Şti. Özel İstihdam Bürosu Olarak 28/12/2020-27/12/2023 tarihleri arasında faaliyette bulunmak üzere, Türkiye İş Kurumu tarafından 21/12/2020 tarih ve 7463202 sayılı karar uyarınca 1209 nolu belge ile faaliyet göstermektedir. 4904 sayılı kanun uyarınca iş arayanlardan ücret alınması yasaktır. Şikayetleriniz için aşağıdaki telefon numaralarına başvurabilirsiniz. İstanbul Çalışma ve İş Kurumu İl Müdürlüğü: 0212 249 29 87 İstanbul Çalışma ve İş Kurumu İl Müdürlüğü Şişli Hizmet Merkezi : 02122910925

Búsqueda de ejecutivos

When it comes to  Executive Search, Stanton Chase Istanbul believes in doing things differently. We are entrepreneurial, agile, and not bound by prescribed ways of working. The way we work is open-ended and flexible, and we tailor our approach to every assignment.

Recognizing that each of our assignments, clients, and candidates is unique means that we approach every search we conduct without preconceived notions. We also strongly believe in starting each search from scratch and not recycling candidates from past searches.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding track record of delivery of successful searches. We believe that the key ingredients behind the successful partnerships we have with our clients and candidates are respect, honesty, humility, integrity, and trust.

As Executive Search professionals, we know how much our interactions with candidates influence their perceptions of our clients. As a result, we ensure that candidates have a positive experience, regardless of their success, by challenging them, supporting them, giving them honest feedback, and encouraging them to succeed.

Our goal is to promote purpose-driven, ethical searches. We genuinely care about our clients and candidates and embody this belief through our commitment to achieving the highest standards. Nevertheless, we are not afraid to challenge a candidate’s or client’s thinking when necessary.

A natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge motivates us to pay attention to people, understand their motivations and values, and learn about them. Through our unique blend of Executive Search and industry expertise, we build trust and credibility with our clients while accurately and compellingly communicating their stories to the market.

Búsqueda, evaluación y desarrollo de directorios corporativos

Board appointments reach the heart of every organization, influencing strategy, change, and sustainable growth. Our specialized global board advisory capabilities offer services at Board and C-suite level, delivering Executive Search and leadership consulting solutions, local insights, and strong expertise across industries.

It is critical to remain independent whilst deploying empathetic and human leadership to help shape an organization’s future. As such, we strive for diverse longlists and shortlists in every search, treating each assignment as new without simply re-using the same candidates from databases or previous assignments. There is logic to this—if search firms continue reworking the same list of candidates every time they conduct a similar search, nothing will ever change. Boards and leadership teams are unlikely to become more diverse and ten years from now we will still be discussing the same challenges and wondering why nothing has progressed. This is also why we encourage our clients, where possible, to hire for potential. If we only hire people who have proven experience in a specific role or sector, we will never change that pool of candidates.

We check our own unconscious bias and seek to embrace conscious inclusion to make sure that the assessment of the candidate is as objective as possible. We encourage our clients to do the same and to create diverse interview panels where possible.

We believe that by thinking and doing things differently we will achieve different and better outcomes.

Leadership Services and Organizational Effectiveness

At Stanton Chase, we understand the importance of evaluating not just individual leaders, but also the broader context in which they operate. That’s why we offer a comprehensive leadership assessment that takes a holistic approach to evaluating executive effectiveness.

Our assessment begins with evaluating the personal characteristics and skills of individual leaders, such as their ability to communicate a clear and inspiring purpose, their level of emotional intelligence, and their ability to develop, inspire, motivate and empower followers, but we don’t stop there. We also take a deep dive into the organization’s strategy, structure, culture, and individual objective’s link to overall business results to see how they support or hinder the effectiveness of its leaders.

By taking this holistic approach, we can provide a complete picture of the organization’s leadership and identify areas for improvement. This can include everything from identifying gaps in leadership skills to uncovering issues within the organization’s culture or processes that may be holding leaders back. Here are some key steps organizations can take to implement transformational leadership:

And once we’ve identified these areas for improvement, we work closely with our clients to develop a customized plan for addressing them. Whether it’s through targeted training and development programs, or changes to the organization’s structure or culture, we’ll work with you to create a plan that addresses the specific challenges you’re facing.

If you’re ready to take a deeper look at your organization’s leadership and identify areas for improvement, contact Stanton Chase today. Together, we’ll work to create a stronger, more effective leadership team that will drive your organization’s success.


Introducing Stanton Chase’s UAAT cycle!

Our approach not only assesses and improves organizational effectiveness, but also utilizes the CARP (Continuous Adaptive Response Process) process to ensure continuous adaptive responses in an ever-changing business environment. This process involves understanding the current state of the organization, aligning goals and strategies, assessing areas for improvement, and providing training to teams to address any deficiencies.

Our experienced team at Stanton Chase simulates business scenarios and guides your teams through the entire process to ensure effective implementation of the relevant tools and methodologies.  Ensure your organization’s agility and help it to thrive in any environment with Stanton Chase.

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Our Consultants

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Anı Yeşim Sonmezer

Managing Partner
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