Cybersecurity Leadership: The New Frontier

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Cybersecurity Leadership: The New Frontier Cover Image

There was a time in the not-too-distant past that corporate information technology roles were the domain of data center associates whose role was to implement technology, and design tools and applications which most executives did not understand.

These professionals have gained increased importance in their respective firms because technology is essential to virtually every aspect of running businesses of all sizes. Now with the growing number of cyber-attacks technology leaders are called upon to interface with insurance, risk management, compliance, security, legal, audit, finance, and operations.

The result has created new roles with dynamic senior-level titles such as Chief Security Officers (CSO) or Chief Information Security Officers (CISO). And for good reason, because today, as technology has opened up to interconnecting of any and all devices, so have the very real fears related to security attacks. Cybersecurity is here to stay, and these roles are more about leadership than technology.

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