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Corporate values

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This year we have decided to conduct a Survey about the development of corporate culture and competencies in domestic and multinational companies. Why this subject? In today’s constant struggle for market, both on global and local level, top products, modern technology and safe sources of finance are a good baseline. It certainly isn’t enough, because without people these factors do not guarantee success. Large world corporations defined competencies a long time ago and they divided them into different groups. How much have the local companies adapted to world practices? Have the foreign representatives managed to implement the corporation standards on our market? Is there flexibility in its implementation and to what extent? These are all the questions we wanted answered and the answers shared with you in order to help you consider possible dilemmas. We did this Survey so that concrete actions for improved implementation of corporate culture and competencies can be taken. Key skills, knowledge and personal characteristics are necessary for successful business operations and for the entire human resources system, and above all as the focus on people development within the organization. The key benefit of this model is based on establishing the human resources system in such a way that firstly the best potential from labour market is used, then the true support through training is secured, further career development is boosted, a proper feedback through performance appraisal is given, and eventually coaching is introduced for further growth. When the focus shifts on skills, knowledge and personal characteristics of every single employee and those employees recognize it, that will create a real step forward for every organization.

We sent the Survey to several hundred addresses, to all levels of management and the Owners. The response was excellent and the sample is very representative, given different levels of management, as well as variety of industries participants come from.

Please read the whole survey here.

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