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Lucie Kafková

Lucie Kafková

Research Consultant

Lucie joined the Prague office of Stanton Chase in October, 2011. Prior to joining Stanton Chase she traveled extensively with an airline for the previous 8 years. And, working alongside a key business leader in Kuwait, servicing the real estate industry in the property management sector, Lucie brings with her a vast knowledge of the core interaction necessary to excel when dealing with the client.

She has held managerial positions with York Homes and Buildings International, as well as, York Management Co. Currently, Lucy is a member of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and the Kuwait Industries Association.

Lucie has a given talent of reading people and knowing what would suit them best, and, on the other hand, has a keen ear in identifying a requirement resulting in client satisfaction and task strategy completion prior to deadline.

Lucie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Theology. She speaks native Czech and is fluently bilingual in English.

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