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Lassi Honkanen

Lassi Honkanen

Research Associate

Lassi Honkanen is a Research Associate at Stanton Chase Helsinki. His duties include conducting market, business, and executive research. He works on mandates across a variety of industries as part of the research team at Stanton Chase Helsinki, including cross-border mandates.

Before joining Stanton Chase, Lassi worked in financial management at a Finnish consumer products and services company. He was also a member of the winning team in the 2023 CFA Research Challenge Finland, a global equity research competition. Over the course of his career, Lassi has acquired a variety of quantitative and qualitative skills, which he now applies as a management consultant.

Lassi holds a B.Sc. in Finance from the Turku School of Economics and continues his studies towards a master’s degree. In addition, he’s completing a double degree in computer science at the University of Turku. Lassi is interested in research, financial modeling, mathematics, and programming. His interest in investments has led to him being invited to lecture on equity research at the university.

Outside the office, Lassi can be found at the local skatepark, engaging in academic pursuits, or exploring global capital markets.

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Lassi serves clients in the following offices:

Helsinki, Finland

Erottajankatu 4C 00120 Helsinki

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Phone: +358 9 8874 060

Email: [email protected]