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Alexandros Theodoridis, Ph.D.

Alexandros Theodoridis, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Alexandros Theodoridis is a Consultant at the Athens office of Stanton Chase. He develops business, acquires new clients, and locates candidates with the best fit for each position. He is also responsible for end-to-end as is the single point of contact for continuous improvement and operational excellence within the Greek team.

He is active in the consumer products and services sector. Additionally, he has significant experience in the life science and healthcare sector. Prior to joining Stanton Chase, Alexandros started his career in the pharmaceutical industry working for AstraZeneca in Germany in the sales department. He then was offered to return to Greece with Novartis. He continued in the logistics sector, working for Novartis on behalf of DESKOT, a logistics company. Finally, he made a turn in his career by joining an HR consultancy (Korn Ferry) as an Associate and was promoted to Senior Associate.

Alexandros is fluent in Greek, German, and English and speaks conversational Italian. He holds a German degree (diplom) in chemistry and a Ph.D. in bioinorganic chemistry, both from Friedrich – Alexander University Erlangen – Nuremberg. He also holds a certification for business administration from the Greek Kapodistrian University in Athens. He is currently studying strategic HR management at ALBA Graduate College in Athens.


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