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AI Adoption Drives Agility in HR

November 2018
Bernardita Mena Aldunate
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AI Adoption Drives Agility in HR Cover Image

And How Executive Talent and Recruitment Are Affected

“ Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous business potential for organizations in all industries. To illustrate: Experts predict by 2022, global business value derived from AI will total $3.9 trillion.” As such, businesses that leverage AI to their advantage can achieve and maintain a competitive edge, whereas those that fail to do so run the risk of floundering. However, since AI is a highly disruptive technology, successfully incorporating it into operations, products and services is a complex initiative requiring knowledgeable leadership, an agile organizational mindset and an innovative company culture. For the majority of mature businesses, this involves a significant transformation that needs to be carried out strategically across all segments of the organization. In this endeavor, an agile HR function can play a critical role. Agile HR focuses on delivering value to the end user, breaking initiatives down into smaller projects completed by autonomous, cross-functional teams and restructuring the organization into a flexible network of teams that work together towards the common goal. By using this approach, an agile HR function can create a work environment and organizational culture conducive to innovation, while at the same time establishing an executive talent strategy that delivers the leaders needed to spearhead the successful implementation of AI. Read the whole white paper.

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