Stanton Chase International: A Global Executive Search Firm

In tune with the local
Connected to the world

For all its diversity, business is united by a single purpose – finding the best people, building successful teams, and generating value for shareholders through excellence. More than ever, enterprises cross boundaries and clients need to connect with the world when they search for talented executives. Stanton Chase International delivers human capital solutions through its powerful network of offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

Our goals, our beliefs, our principles

A leading global company

Established in 1990, Stanton Chase International is one of the leading global executive search firms. We operate through focused industry practice groups, each led by a global practice team leader. We are everywhere in the world our clients need us to be, so we can offer both global perspective and local insight.

A unique structure and culture

Stanton Chase has developed a unique business structure and model that empowers its partners to give outstanding service to our clients. The partners own the company, which ensures our culture is entrepreneurial, sensitive to local markets and able to react quickly to our clients’ needs.

Our greatest asset is our people

We believe that each of our consultants needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what they do. Meeting client expectations depends on the united efforts of our consultants, treating candidates with respect and working in partnership with our clients.

Deep knowledge of our clients’ business

Our customer satisfaction research tells us that a first class executive search company must have deep knowledge of a client’s business, markets and culture. It is critical to finding and recommending the right person. Each assignment is therefore the personal responsibility of one of our partners who oversees the search from brief to completion.

Before we look we listen

We aim to have the best listening skills in the world of executive search, because we have to uncover what our clients really need. We listen carefully, react quickly and offer clear advice.  This is the key to our success and it earns us the status of partner in the eyes of our clients.