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Saint-Petersburg Office

3rd floor Nevsky Plaza
Nevsky Prospect, 55
191025 Saint-Petersburg
Phone: +7 495 641 37 19
Fax: +7 495 225 85 00

Located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, Saint-Petersburg is contiguous with countries of the European Union. Among European cities Saint-Petersburg occupies the third position in terms of the population (4.8 million people) and comes right after Moscow and London.

Saint-Petersburg is one of the most actively developing regions in Russia. It has an enormous investment potential. The main advantages of Saint-Petersburg are its profitable geopolitical position, its developed and diversified economy, and its efficient transportation network. Furthermore, the professional personnel and intellectual resources of the city attract foreign investors. These are valuable resources for making the innovations and industry development.

Stanton Chase International has established operations in St. Petersburg in 2012. Before that assignments in St. Petersburg were carried out by Stanton Chase International’s Moscow team. Our consultants have a long experience in Executive Search and business in St. Petersburg. We have, in particular, strong experience in working with Finnish and other Nordic companies who have been active investors in the region.  We focus on longstanding, in-depth relations with customers, allowing efficiency of delivery, lower costs through economies of scale, and consistently high quality. Operating through our regional and global practices we service our clients as an integrated team tapping into international expertise in combination with local knowledge of  economies and sectors of business.

We are fluent in Russian, English, Swedish, Finnish, French and Italian. We are ready to serve clients in the territory of the Russian Confederation, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and over 40 additional major Russian markets.

The regions of Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and South Eastern Europe (SEE) have been amongst the most interesting growth markets worldwide over the last two decades. This development was reflected in the professional development of the executive market and in the continuous demand for talented managers. In the beginning, companies demanded expatriates. However, in the meantime, a new, highly educated and performance-oriented executive generation has established itself in the Eastern Europe region.

Stanton Chase International is a pioneer in executive search in the CEE and SEE regions and has accompanied this development since its beginning in the ’90s. Stanton Chase currently has 11 offices in the CEE and SEE regions. Some of these offices are located in traditional “regional hubs,” such as Vienna and Athens while others are situated in large regional trade centers, including Moscow and Istanbul. Still others cover main capitals, such as Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia and Warsaw. The CEE and SEE regions are a key part of the Stanton Chase network, one of the world’s largest executive search firms with more than 70 offices around the globe, unified by common standards, commitment to excellence and client approach.

Our consultants working in the CEE and SEE regions are among the industry’s most experienced and boast many years of successful consulting practice to international and local clients in all aspects of executive search. Offices in the region cooperate closely and follow a concept of cross-border industry specialization while still maintaining local market insight. This puts Stanton Chase is in a position to deliver quick results while preserving the highest quality standards.

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Paul Holm

Managing Partner

Dr. Igor Orlov

Consulting Business Partner

Andrey Zubritskiy

Research Head