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Paul Holm

Managing Partner

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Elena Loseva


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Dr. Karin von Bismarck


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Dr. Igor Orlov

Consulting Business Partner

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Gregory Nazaryan

Global Sector Leader, Warehousing
Principal Consultant

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Andrey Zubritskiy

Research Head

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5th floor Moscow Lesnaya Plaza
4th Lesnoy Pereulok, 4
125047 Moscow

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Phone: +7 495 641 37 19
Email: moscow@stantonchase.com

About the office

Founded in November 2010, our team at Stanton Chase Moscow is comprised of Partners who have a long history of working together to meet client expectations and identify the best candidate for any given assignment. Established professionals, each contributing a wealth of local and international executive search and HR Consultancy experience, our Partners offer an unparalleled level of expertise in managing executive appointments in the Russian market.

As ambitious professionals constantly seek to progress and land their ideal executive position, market and business environments constantly shift and new experiences and approaches emerge. As a result of an individual’s expanding experience, his ideal position becomes clearer within his own mind and he becomes more aware of priorities which really matter. In executive search, a job well done is associated with identifying these professionals and linking them with clients looking to fill positions that will address their needs and priorities, in turn addressing the needs and priorities of our clients as well.

Although specific industry expertise remains a key factor of our executive search process, we are always looking beyond this element to identify individual traits for each potential candidate. By casting a wider net, we increase our ability to successfully pair our client with a candidate who possesses the right managerial capabilities, the tools to seamlessly integrate with the team and a willingness to bring forth new ideas to help meet expectations and fulfill personal values.

Making compromises is not an option; instead, we crave to find the perfect manager for each of our clients.

Our goal is to find a manager who will fit harmoniously into a specific team and work productively within its business environment. It is our firm belief that this manager cannot be found using standard methods and one specific industry search. In addition to practical experience, identifying such a manager requires:

  • Extensive skill and ability to study and understand the organization and business of a client
  • A creative approach to the analysis and assessment of the actual abilities of a candidate
  • Command of technology applicable to the monitoring and assessment of a candidate’s results and achievements
  • Always acting in good conscience and being vigilant in the analysis and decision making stages
  • Being highly intuitive and choosing the perfect fit

All of our clients are unique, as such; we seek to find unique managers to aptly fill unique positions.

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