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Panos Manolopoulos

Global Leader Board and CEO Services Practice Group
Managing Partner

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Wassim Karkabi

Global Head, Board & Executive Assessment
Managing Partner

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Gregory Nazaryan

Global Leader of Freight Forwarding sector

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Stelios Pigadiotis


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Dale Zankl

Director, Middle East

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Hatem Hannoun


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Fahim Mahmud

Principal Consultant

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Shayma Ibrahim


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Amel El Ouazzani

Senior Marketing Executive

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Office S06, 2nd Floor, Block 17, Dubai Knowledge Village
P.O. Box: 500195
United Arab Emirates

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Phone: +9714 36 93 529
Email: dubai@stantonchase.com

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  • Assessment Technology
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Your Leadership Partner in the Middle East, Stanton Chase in Dubai delivers Executive Search, Leadership Assessment, Leadership Transition Solutions and Executive Coaching across the Middle East and North Africa region.  The Dubai office was founded in 2006 to assist organizations acquire, assess and grow exceptional leaders and provide leadership solutions, acting as a true leadership and business partner for regional corporate champions across the Middle East.

Stanton Chase in the Middle East delivers executive search, assessment and coaching solutions at its highest standards, focused on top management and functional key positions based on strict client dedication. Our philosophy is to maximize client value through a consultative relationship, focusing, adapting and responding effectively to the diverse business challenges of our clients.

Commitment to quality and speed results fit seamlessly together with global reach and profound regional expertise. Our industry practice groups allow us to identify leaders with proven multi-cultural experience and cutting-edge functional skills while leveraging the full benefit of our global network of resources. Assessment process is enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art personality evaluation tools and methodologies to appraise candidates’ competencies.

Cultural Ambassador Certificate Dubai

Date: February 11 & 12, 2019
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Price (early bird): €1,500 per nomination if registered and paid prior to January 5th 2019. €1,800 for registrations and payments afterwards.

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Become the Culture Expert Inside your Organisation.

Operating globally brings many challenges and each regional/local office is different. With diversity becoming one of the most important pieces of the organisational environment, the management of culture is a central factor for the success of the organisation as a whole.

Topics such as employee engagement, productivity, communication, teamwork, leadership, employer branding and over 35 other organisational areas touch organisations globally, yet every location has its own particularities.

For organisations where identifying cultural differences and the problems that may arise is a key concern, we have the perfect solution: The Cultural Ambassador Program.

This two-day workshop will help you to visualize the impact corporate culture and national culture have on your operations, gain skills to effectively identify the cultural challenges within your organization and take measures to minimize their effects

You will take home key lessons that help you to guide your organizations in working more effectively.

The Ambassador Course is organised in various locations around the world each year and is hosted by a select group of Senior Hofstede Insights consultants who are certified practitioner in both Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture.

Benefits of the Course:

  • First-hand insights into how to navigate the field of culture and strategy, using different models of culture.
  • Insights into how to leverage national culture traits to enable change
  • Case study experience in how to recognize the impact culture has on work situations
  • Personal cultural pitfall assessment
  • Navigate the field of organisational culture, based on the understanding of the Multi- Focus Model
  • Access to the online toolkit that allows you to scan the culture and subcultures of your own organisation
  • Opportunity for you to get a first-hand experience on the tool by participating in a Culture Scan process
  • Insight into the combination of Organisational Culture and National Culture
  • Certificate of Cultural Ambassador

Certification In Organisational Culture Dubai

Date: February 25-28 2019
Pre-course webinar: during January Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Price: €3,500

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Our exclusively offered Certification courses have the endorsement of Professor Emeritus, Geert Hofstede.
The Certification Course on Organisational Culture and Change Management is based on the Multi-focus Model.

Benefits of the Course:

  • Navigate the field of organisational culture and change, based on the combinations of dimensions both on a theoretical and practical level
  • Access to the online toolkit that allows you to scan the culture and subcultures of your own organisation and/or that of your clients
  • Insight into the combination of organisational culture and national culture
  • Insights into the use of our change tools
  • Ability to integrate content and process into a focused change journey
  • Platform to exchange and interact with experienced intercultural and organisational management specialists.
  • Receive a certification to show that you are knowledgeable and able to service your clients by measuring organisational culture both on an actual and desired level, to assist clients in assessing their optimal culture, to explain the content of reports generated, and to assess whether change is required and if so in which direction.

Benefits of the Course:

  • A real-life measurement of an organisational culture of your choice which serves as your certification assignment to make change happen
  • A 4-day intensive training course
  • Direction in the field of organisational culture and management
  • A webinar before (during January) and after the face-to-face course 
  • A course binder with reading materials and exercises
  • Course facilities and lunches

Demand for these courses is very high and places are limited to ensure maximum interaction. For further information, please get in touch by using the form below.

Certification In Intercultural Management Dubai

Date: March 25.-28. 2019
Duration: 4 days Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Price: €5,500

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Our exclusively offered Certification courses have the endorsement of Professor Emeritus, Geert Hofstede. The Certification Course on Organisational Culture and Change Management is based on the Multi-focus Model.

The Accredited Practitioner course is targeted at management consultants and trainers interested in using our know-how in the field of culture and management.

During the 4-day face-to-face training course, participants will:

  • Enhance their knowledge of the Hofstede Model of National Cultures
  • Understand the correlations between the 6 dimensions of the Hofstede Model
  • Develop proficiency in the use of the Hofstede Model of National Cultures as a tool of cultural awareness
  • Formulate guidelines to disseminate and discuss the Hofstede Model
  • Develop and build skills required to deliver and implement effective intercultural management training

Please note that you can only participate if and when you also want to become a member of the Hofstede Insights Network, for which you need to meet the following requirements and apply by sending a CV and motivation via the form below or to our email: info@hofstede-insights.com. Participants are required to read the following book before the course: Hofstede, G., Hofstede G. J., & Minkov, M. (2010). Cultures and organizations: Software of the mind. Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill.  For organisations, we offer a modified attendance to this course, aimed at enabling corporate HR trainers to use our materials for internal capability development. Please contact us for further information.

“Retention, engagement and performance are the fruits of a deep understanding of people, culture and organization. Our solutions provide you with strategic data that help you identify, understand and evaluate your talents today and adjust your direction according to your vision.”

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Assessment Technology Outcomes

Stanton Chase will help you to identify and effectively use an assessment system that empowers you with the ability to make improved, data-driven decisions across all levels of your organization. Making effective decisions will ensure you are on the right path to quickly accomplish your strategic plans.

The power of assessment technologies is leveraged by targeting organizations and leaders who recognize the value of “people first” and strive to optimize their hiring, engagement, productivity and retention.

Assessment Systems

As partners of global leaders in assessment technologies, Stanton Chase has meticulously constructed a portfolio of assessment systems that are each designed and developed to bring value and optimize different facets of talent management.

Culture in partnership with Hofstede Insights MENA

Consulting and Training

Intercultural Management Programmes

  • Leading Successfully Across Cultures
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Global Virtual Management

Organizational Culture

  • Cultular Executive Ownership Program
  • Best Culture To Perform Award


For Consultants

  • Organisational Culture Certification
  • Intercultural Management Certification

For Corporates

  • Cultural Ambassador
  • Cultural Attaché

For Lectures

  • Organisational Culture –Accredited Lecturer
  • Certification in Intercultural Management –
 Accredited Lecturer

Human Resources Development Tools

Organisational Culture Scan

  • Team Culture Scan
  • Executive Match

Country Culture Tools

  • Culture Compass
  • Compare Countries


  • Personality (including role-matching)
  • Abilities (verbal, numerical, logical, checking)
  • Motivations
  • Potential
  • Leadership
  • Behaviour Type at Work
  • Sales Profile
  • 360 Assessments

Leadership in partnership with IntelligentBoardRoom:

Enables decision-makers to determine if a team is “Fit for Growth”

“How effective is your executive team in realizing the strategy?” This is the single most important people question you will face, and IntelligentBoardRoom will help you find the answer.

IntelligentBoardRoom's cognitive software is the tool of choice for Executive Boards. IBR guarantees a fast, transparent and high-quality review to understand if a team is "Fit for Growth", and the likelihood of strategic success.

IntelligentBoardRoom aims to be the new standard in the People Effectiveness industry when it comes to making decisions about management teams. IntelligentBoardRoom is cognitive software for the difficult conversations.

“A solution that helps organizations, business owners and boards better define executive and leadership roles within their organization in alignment with strategic goals, assess the existing leadership team’s capability to deliver on those strategic objectives, and work with them to maximize their leadership potential”.

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Executive Coaching Outcomes

Benefits to the individual include:

  • Enhance leader impact & performance
  • Develop personal plan for professional leader development
  • Improve team management
  • Increase leadership effectiveness
  • Identify & focus on professional leadership priorities
  • Focus on key business impact areas

The organization benefits from:

  • Greater commitment from leaders
  • Improved business performance
  • Retention of key leadership talent
  • Increased emotional engagement of management team and subordinates
  • Increased creativity outlook and motivation

Areas of Coaching Specialization

We specialize in coaching executive leaders and directors at the Board & C-Suite Levels, and focus on effective performance and leadership behavior within the work environment. What we offer is unbiased objectivity, confidentiality, motivation, and practical support.

We specialize in coaching for:

Executive Coaching Program Overview

Four Steps to a Turnkey Executive Coaching Solution:
1. Understand

Assessing who they are today as a leaders, including how they see themselves, how others see them and how leadership science sees them.

2. Align

Giving each leader feedback on their collective assessments and aligning with them on their current Leader Profile.

3. Achieve

Coaching each leader on setting leadership growth goals and working with them to make the necessary changes to become the leaders they want to be.

4. Evolve

Aligning leaders and the organization on the changes they have achieved and the way forward for continued growth.

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Great Companies deserve great boards and the board of directors should be an important asset to the shareholders it reports to, the chief executive it oversees and the company it governs.

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Stanton Chase Names Leadership Assessment Head

Stanton Chase, a global leadership solutions firm specializing in Executive Search, Executive Assessment, and CEO and Board Advisory services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Wassim Karkabi, Managing Partner Middle East, as the Global Head for Executive Assessment Solutions.

Stanton Chase announces the placement of Panicos Euripides at Al Jaber

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