Logistics and Transportation

Global Practice Leader

Simpson Nondo

Simpson has over ten years of corporate management experience and another ten years of recruitment industry experience. Simpson heads the Diversity Practice, which specializes in sourcing top-level employment equity candidates for our clients, across all industries.

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Recent hires

  • Commercial Manager - East Africa
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The Logistics and Transportation Practice Group is comprised of committed and knowledgeable consultants who form a global professional team that is always prepared to help clients meet the distinct senior leadership needs of their organizations. Well versed with the many ins and outs of the transportation, logistics, and supply chain management sectors, our consultants' extensive personal knowledge ensures that our clients will find first-rate talent that can bring instant value to the organization.

The Stanton Chase Logistics and Transportation Practice Group values each of our client's unique demands and requirements, which is why we believe in forging long-standing relationships to better understand their individual needs. Clients will also benefit from our in-depth industry understanding, which is available amongst our partners and consultants, some of whom have had successful executive careers within the different sectors of the Logistics and Transportation industry.

We strive for excellence and we are always ready to serve you, be it on a national, regional or international level.

Please see the contact list of Practice members in your country or region.

Supply Chain Management
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Carriers Air, Ocean, & Rail
Contract Logistics & Value Added Services
Freight Forwarding Air, Ocean, & Overland
Transportation Infrastructure Ports, Airports
Warehousing and Distribution Reverse Logistics, Contract Logistics, Information Management Services