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Human Resources

The experts in our Human Resources Specialty Practice share a total of over 500 years working as top-level HR executives with some of the world’s most notable enterprises. This practical experience, combined with the global footprint of Stanton Chase, places us in a unique position to comprehend our clients’ needs for strategic HR leadership. Our specialists based around the world have already placed nearly 800 human resource executives with the vision and fortitude to sustain growth in the face of relentless change.

In our era of rapid globalization and increasing cultural diversity, human capital has never been more important. More than ever, our clients in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Mid-East are turning to us for human resource leaders to navigate the new world economy.

The former C-suite HR executives who make up our global team bring profound hands-on knowledge to their task, blending both corporate experience and their retained search appointment successes. Our extensive global candidate resources are one of the many reasons why multi-national corporations consistently turn to Stanton Chase to fill the most critical human resource roles.

Besides C-level HR leaders, we also recruit experts in executive compensation, organizational and employee development, performance improvement, occupational health and safety, HR technology and all other human resource disciplines. Our specialists personally manage the entire search process for you from start to finish, so the quality of the final candidates presented to you are simply the finest in the world.

Whether your firm is seeking leadership for a local or foreign office, or your global organization is searching for a human resource leader at the highest level, the Stanton Chase Human Resources Specialty Practice stands ready to fulfill your need.

Looking for more information about the Human Resources Specialty Practice? Click the link to download our Global Human Resources Specialty Practice brochure.