Expert Executive Recruiters: Areas of Expertise

Some executive and leadership roles and issues are specific to an industry or sector. But many others cut across industry boundaries and are common to a wide range of sectors and industries. Stanton Chase partners and consultants have significant expertise and experience providing effective services to clients within these specializations.

Governance and top executive leadership is a specialization that cuts across many industries. Boards and CEOs in different industries face common issues and challenges. Stanton Chase partners have proven experience and a track record in helping client organizations address those needs.

The need for effective financial leadership and direction is common to every industry and business sector. The requirements and challenges of financial leadership are often similar across different industries and it is a key service specialization delivered by Stanton Chase offices and partners.

In today’s increasingly competitive global market, off-shoring and mergers and acquisitions connect business units from a range of ethnic and business cultures, and global labour shortages are an increasingly acute issue. In this environment, the importance of managing diversity has never been higher. The issues of diversity cut across all industry and sector boundaries as the lessons learned in one industry are often transferable to others. The management of diversity issues within executive search and development is a key specialization for Stanton Chase and an important service Stanton Chase offers to its clients.

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