Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Finding great candidates is one core service; assessing them effectively is equally important. Assessment is a core service you receive from Stanton Chase International. Our consultants are called upon daily around the world to provide counsel and advice to Boards on the identification, assessment, and development of top corporate leaders.

Role of Assessment
Executive assessment is an essential component of candidate selection. However it also has a role to play in executive development, succession planning, transformational change and post-merger/acquisition integration. In all situations, the role of assessment is to support important personnel and leadership decisions. Stanton Chase consultants have the skills and experience to assist in all these situations.

Stanton Chase Assessment Components
Stanton Chase utilizes the following four components for an executive assessment:

We Respect Internal Client Methodologies
Many businesses and organizations have their own well-developed approach to assessment. We work closely with you to align with your internal requirements and utilize your tools and benchmarks.

Standalone Assessment
Stanton Chase offices are available to conduct executive assessment services both within a search context, or as a standalone service within the context of leadership consulting.

To find a consultant to help you with our approach of executive assessment search, contact the Stanton Chase partner office closest to you.