Our Diversity Commitment

Stanton Chase is committed to reflecting the global reality of diversity. Diversity is an important priority with a growing impact on international organizations. Organisations are better prepared to achieve excellence when their leadership matches the diversity in their workplace, communities, customers, stakeholders and markets.

Clients expect their search partner to seamlessly address their diversity needs within the search process. Stanton Chase listens. We tailor our services to provide a breadth of candidates while ensuring that quality and fit are also fully addressed. With diversity fully integrated into our service, clients have an increased degree of comfort and trust in the partnership. The discipline of diversity helps to provide both fluidity and rigor within the search process.

Stanton Chase has a strong, organically-grown diversity practice to meet client needs. Our teams are trained to reflect the realities and requirements of their regions, recognizing and internalizing the different dynamics of color, gender, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Our international teams then work together closely to deliver global diversity in candidates.

Our approach to diversity aligns clients, candidates and consultants. Client needs are met through the integration of diversity within the search process; candidates are aware of our commitment to representative searches; and internal consultants are aware of our commitment to the principles of equity and diversity.

We are a diverse organization. More than 40 per cent of our global team members are women, and representation on management and partner teams is a priority.

Meeting the needs of global leadership today requires partnership between strong clients who are clear about their commitment to diversity, and search teams that are empowered and aligned to address diversity issues.